Disablity Grants For Childrens

Disability benefits for children is a boon for families who cannot afford to take care of their disabled child, due to their low incomes levels. The following article will tell you about the disability benefits that are madDisabilities in children could range from conditions like Autism, Cerebral Palsy or Down Syndrome. So also, children might fall in the category of 'At Risk' which includes pre-term, emotional and behavioral problems. These problems lead to a distinct lack of stimulation in them, which can affect their overall growth and development.

These conditions are not confined to medical problems alone but could also include behavioral and learning disorders.e available and the eligibility procedures for the same. Apply Your Grants Today!!
It is generally difficult to get disability benefits for children. This is because the primary criteria and the conditions of the child on which these benefits are sought may change. For example if a child has an attack of asthma, it will hamper his growth and development. This will prevent him from participating in the normal day-to-day activities like other children (making him applicable for the disability benefits). When such a child applies for a SSI (Supplemental Security Insurance) disability procedure, the severity of the attack might be high at that point of time. But by the time it comes to the hearing stage, the grimness of the situation might have lessened or the child may have responded positively to medication. However, if the disabilities are something like Autism then that leaves no room for doubt.

It is generally misconstrued that there are no programs that cater to the needs of disabled children. This is not true. The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers two programs that work towards providing benefits to these children with disabilities. The programs are Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI).

Conditions for a Grant for Disabled Children

The conditions on which these disability benefits for children are granted are varied.


The Supplemental Security Insurance (SSI) has certain set income limits. In order for your child to be applicable for the disability benefits, the family income should not be more than $2000 on the whole. For this the SSI will take into account the family income, the bank account savings, other assets like properties, etc. If the total income is seen to exceed $ 2000 then the child is considered ineligible.

The payments to the disabled children are made on a monthly basis. These payments continue till the time the child turns eighteen. After which they are discontinued under the children's disability program because then the policy is evaluated under the adult listing category. The amount of payment depends on the family income.

A child is considered disabled if his condition is such that he cannot involve himself in age appropriate activities like playing, etc. It therefore confines his functionality. This condition should last for a minimum of 1 year or should be expected to lead to death.

Prior to a hearing for availing disability benefits for children, the attorney will gather copies of a child's IEPs (Intensive English Program), achievement and testing reports, grade reports and fill out questionnaires from the child's teachers.

Reviewing Conditions
The condition of the child is reviewed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) every 3 years. This is done in cases when the child's condition is expected to improve. Thus reviewing becomes necessary because if the child's condition improves then he would no longer be applicable for the same.

Adult Status
The Social Security Administration reviews the condition of the child when he officially becomes an adult (18 years). If the child is still considered disabled, then adult SSDI benefits will be continued to be given. In that case all the benefits applicable in case of 'Adult SSDI benefits' shall apply. For example, these benefits are given to those who have been regularly paying the social security taxes and have become disabled recently.

Other Conditions
A child may also get these benefits if his parents were receiving the disability benefits and have died. These are called 'adult child' benefits. These benefits are given to those who have become disabled before they turned 22, thus being unable to build a work record. In such a case, where the parents have been paying social security taxes, the SSA grants these benefits as an insurance coverage for those services. It is considered as a child's benefit because it is paid as a part of the parents social security taxes.

When a child becomes eligible to receive SSI benefits he will be automatically enrolled for the Medicaid program of your state. This program will help you to make payments and afford the prescription medicines and/or other medical expenses involved. One can also see if there is a possibility to qualify for food stamps, which will go a long way in helping one out.

Disability benefits for children is definitely a great help for families who have disabled children. Knowing that there are programs and grants which are drawn out to help such children is a comforting feeling for people who have to suffer through the pain.

By Rujuta Borkar

source - buzzle.com/articles/disability-benefits-for-children.html

Friday, 20 July 2012

Disability- Government Grants for Home Improvements

Disability- Government Grants for Home Improvements

Home improvement is a costly affair, not everyone can afford. Although, most of us undertake home improvement projects for decorative purposes, there are some people who have no choice but to make necessary repair work to their home, so as to make it worth living. Since, these are the people who often come from the lower strata of society, they can rarely afford the cost of home improvement. Government grants of several thousands are available for such people. Unfortunately, most of them are unaware of such programs. Thus, if you happen to be one such individual or you know someone who might benefit from such program, then you should indeed read this article.
Who is Eligible for Home Improvements Grants
As mentioned above, people belonging to low income groups are mainly eligible for home repair grants. Though, the specific requirements for eligibility of the grant vary according to each state, it is unlikely that a decently earning family may qualify for this program. Besides low income groups, other unprivileged sections of society also become eligible for free government grants for home improvements. These sections include disabled as well as elderly people. People belonging to specific ethnic group may also apply for such grants, if the state laws have such a provision. Besides, minority and people residing in areas classified as 'rural' by federal or state government also benefit from this program. People staying in certain disaster prone areas may also avail special benefits and grants from government. The home improvement projects for these people include revamping of the house to meet standards of health and safety hazards or remodeling their house to support their disability (e.g installing a wheelchair ramp in house).
How Much is Available Through These Grants
The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has various programs through which it imparts grants and financial aid to eligible families. Rehabilitation and Repair Home Loan program is a program by HUD which has offered grants to thousands of people till date. The exact grant amount depends upon several factors such as individual's income, state of residence, socio-economic condition, number of dependents, etc. Some individuals may become eligible for full grant amount while others may draw only partial benefit. Government offers grants as high as USD 15,000 or even more. Besides, financial assistance is also available in the form of low interest loans. Thus, an individual may receive part of his benefit as a grant while the remainder as a home improvement loan.
How to Apply
Firstly, you can start searching for various government grants on the official website of the US government, Grants.gov. You can find a detailed listing of various grants offered by the government through its programs. You can also search particularly for the home improvement grants in this listing. You will be directed to the relevant pages where you can find all the required information regarding eligibility criteria, how to apply, etc. Alternatively, you may contact your city, county or local community development office or the office of rural development where you can get the required information. If you have trouble locating these offices, you may visit the official website of National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials at nahro.com. One can also inquire at the information center at the Office of Community Planning and Development (comcon.org). You will then be required to submit proofs in support of your claim.
Once your application has been approved, you will receive funds in course of time. Make sure to allocate these funds on the repair work very wisely.

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